Help with jean jacket!

Recently, my boyfriend gave me about 5/6 jeans that he doesnt use anymore cause they're too freyed for him or have minor issues.
I decided to make a jean jacket, but cant, for the life of me, fin a usefull pattern to work with.
Note that i recently moved out of my country and left my sewing machine, so i'm working the old fashioned way.

The only thin i found that could actually help me a little is this picture
But i'm not completely sure about the sleeves since it's the first time i'll make something with sleeves.
Can i get some help/counceling/chocolate, pleaseeee?!


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For christmas I recieved this book. You should be able to use one of the three patterns inside this book.
For the sleeves I would suggest using the legs of the jeans and trimming from the inside. use lots of pins and measure twice.
I have faith in you

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