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So lately I've been hit with the creative bug, I've gotten the urge to create and to make something... but with all of these creative juices flowing I sit here not doing anything. So as I sit here looking at other do crafts and as I perouse the web for more ideas, I am still not doing anything.

I have buttons, I have ribbon, and I have fimo, but I lack creativity and the talent to use them. I seem to follow the tutorials as best as I can but my flowers look crappy, my fimo comes out a mess, if at all... I'm in a craft-rut where I need something to do when I have the urge to waste my time with buttons and things.




Mercedes W.
Mercedes W.
Hey was u writing about you or me? I feel exactly the same!! I got plenty off supplies and plenty of ideas flowing and even plently off time (off work for six weeks) yet I sit here and do nothing? Its really daunting I got a sewing machine for christmas and I have only just opened the box and it looks sooooo complicated!! :S hopefully we both get on with a project soonHappy



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