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So this is my first blog here on cut out and keep. The projects on here are really amazing! I havn't posted any projects yet but I will be sure to do so soon! Anyway, I was searching around google images, looking at cupcakes and found some really cute awesome ones. I decided to blog them so that they may inspire creative minds or just let people enjoy them! Note that I do not own any of these images, I found them all on google images. Credit to whoever made them!

1. Cookie Monster cupcake!!!
The thing I love most about this one is the fact that he is actually "eating" a cookie!!

2. Pizza Cupcake!!
A LOT of effort went into this one. You can tell just by looking at it. Amazing detail.

3. Penguin Cupcakes!!
I love these! The penguins are awesome and I'm guessing theres a little bt of a christmas theme going on there.

4. Hello Kitty Cupcakes!
Are these cute or what? I want them for my birthday! ^.^

5. Heart Cupcakes!
These would be an awesome valentines day gift for a significant other. ;)

6. Cute Japanese style Cupcakes!
These remind me of the japanese style stationary you can get!

7. Panda Cupcakes!!
C'mon! Who doesn't like pandas? I love pandas which is why these made my list! I love the googly eyes!

8. Ice Cream Sundae cupcakes!!
Honestly, these are fabulous. Two of my favourite things mixed together: Ice cream sundaes and cupcakes.

9. TMNT Cupcake!!
I believe the picture says it all. "I'm a TMNT. Eat me." At least that's what it's saying to me! ^.^

10. Butterfly cupcakes!!
When I searched the term, I wasn't expecting these. Justing looking at them makes me feel like a freaking princess. So beautiful! :)

So there you go! 10 awesome cupcakes. Hopefully, whoever's reading this (if anyone is at all) enjoyed this post!
Hope you all enjoy your day/night! x :)




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