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Got home today - after very, very little sleep last night and some unpleasant experiences.

I kept getting woken up for my blood pressure to be taken, which is good, but doesn't make for a good night's sleep - neither does having to sit upright in a bed with with sack filled with gunk from your body on either side of you. Luckily they took out my IV drip so I didn't have that wire in me all night, although I still had the needle in my hand, which was uncomfortable as hell. Of course it didn't hurt at all when they took it out!

The drains were another matter entirely.

I have never felt anything that bizarre and horrible in my mouth. I thought it would only hurt where they were going in the skin but it was like...someone was sucking out the inside of my breasts. Eew.

Now I have this incredibly awkward bandeau strap to stop the implants rising up too high, and it hurts my back a lot. I can't quite stand up straight today which is annoying but I can move about a bit.

When I left the hospital everyone said how good I looked for someone who'd just had surgery, and one woman with a nurse who knew me commented that she didn't think I was a patient when she saw me. Which is nice, I suppose! And my surgeon gave me some lovely bath oils and things, which unfortunately I can't use for a week but means my next shower will smell awesome! She's so awesome - to anyone considering breast augmentation, I seriously reccommend Lisa Sacks. She's lovely and understanding and a fantastic surgeon. Everyone commented on how well it went.

Anyway, when I got home I just went and chilled on the sofa, and ate a bit. Soon got chased out by my dad watching crap antique programmes but I'm happy enough up in my room watching Weeds.

The thing that's frustrating me most today is how little I can do. I just want to be able to make myself a cup of tea when I fancy one, or go to the toilet without taking ten minutes! Hopefully I'll bounce back quickly, I've never liked just sitting around. My PS2 gets hooked up tomorrow so I can spend the day in Silent Hill, battling against Pyramid Head. Oh and on Saturday my dad's birth mother is coming over, so I have to hope that I've recovered enough by then that she won't notice anything's wrong! We'll see haha.

Until then I have my mother with the broken wrist and my dad on the crutches doing everything for me. Which is interesting. I'm looking forward to moving up to York next week and having my friends wait on me hand and foot instead =P although now I'm debating going up the week after, instead. So I don't have too long bored in York with a boyfriend I'm not allowed to have sex with (how rubbish!)

Anyway, I don't think anyone's actually reading this, but I'm going to carry on. I want to be able to read back and check out my journey.

But if anyone is reading it, hope it's not too graphic, and let me know if you have any questions =)




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Hi, I'm relatively new to the site and was trying to find how to post a blog, but I came upon your most recent post and was interested in how freely you talked about getting your implants, so I was just reading about it. I have met only one person who has implants, and it was briefly, so I've never really heard anyone talk about it.

I am just curious as to why you got them? I don't frown upon them, nor do I have them, I am just curious. You never really say why you wanted them, only things like so you can "be normal" or be naked with your boyfriend, etc.

So I'm just wondering if something unfortunate happened and caused you not to have them, or you just didn't like your natural ones?

Sorry if it's random/creepy, I'm super bored, it's late and my baby's asleep..and i still can't figure out how to post a new blog! LOL
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Oh, and two of my piercings grew over - how rubbish!


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