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It worked! heheh, anyway... Hello! 

I'm victoria, wanted to do a blog for a while now but didn't know where to do one etc, I think on here is a brill idea as most of what I will post will probably be creative nonsenses! :) 


So yeah, I finished making my jewellery/accessory hanger and I am mega happy/excited now because it shows me everything I have so I won't forget about stuff AND! it takes what filled up about three draws and just puts it right there! I love it! And I made it from scrap fabric too, just on a proper backing of calico! :) I will post pics on here tomorrow of it!

 feel soso tired now, just debating weather to read for a bit or watch a film! hmm. 


(I am listening to songs from this years Eurovision - how good was it?! I hope it carries on with the talent!)


Much love 






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