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In our local Oxfam shop today I was wandering around looking at everything and nothing whilst Nick was rooting through their old books (looking for interestingold medical books...) and their records and I came across this little wonder...

Bead Bird

I don't really know what he's for - but I'm now storing some little plastic beads inside, and he has adopted the name 'bead bird' for now!

Also on our shopping afternoon I went into our local Naomi House shop and found a 'sold as seen' Paper Bead Making Kit for £2.50! So, I picked it up as I wasn't able to resist - I've never succeeded at making nice paper beads and thought some kind of revolutionary craft gadget might help me out!

Paper Bead Making Kit

And boy, has it helped me out! Mega-success in an afternoon. I'm really pleased with the results, and apologise in advance for everyone receiving these in swaps for the coming future!

Paper Bead           Various Beads

Final shopping find of the day was a Hello Kitty desktop calendar scribble pad thing... Very cute, and a bit of a bargain at only £2.49 in TK Maxx in the local shopping centre. I plan to use it to keep a bit more organised here, AND to keep me from signing up to too many swaps at any time... hmmm, can we say OVERLOADED??

Kitty Desk Pad

Will write more often, maybe... but probably not...

Love love xxx





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