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people,its true at http://paintfxcosmetics.com/ you can get a small baggy of eyeshadow pigments f0r a PENNY each!!!!they have 52 colors from shiny to matte shades. you can also sample the primer![cream used before you put your eyeshadow on to make it POP!] The catch? you can pick up to four pigments per order and shipping may vary by area code and state. I know for Chicago, 60620, the shipping and handling is only $2.50! its great if youre a begginer like me and are skeptical about certain colors and dot want to pay full price for more pricy brands.and also the good thing about Paint Fx is if you like the penny sampler they sell the full sized jar for like $1.75.OH and they also have a gallery so customers can upload thier looks, check it out! http://paintfxcosmetics.com/Gallery.html





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