Here is our pick of some of the best projects on CO+K last week:

Sew a octopus plushie, fuse plastic shopping bags in to a reusable plastic lunch tote, crochet a safety barrel, dress up with a recycled mini top hat and no sew bolero, needlefelt a bird, turn broken CD's in to a funky bracelet, melt beads in to a bowl, bake some zombie muffins and crispy cakes, create an amazing mixed-media journal, sew a simple patchwork quilt, embellish a hand mirror, knit a furry steering wheel cosy and hat, bleach your Converse high tops, decoupage your glasses case with comic books, and sew an "I'm Dead" sleeping mask.




kiddo · Corryton, Tennessee, US · 133 projects
How did I miss zombie muffins? Must go find them now!
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