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so i've busily wasted about half the day i should have been working out but- meh. SO ANYYWAYY ITS MY FIRST BLOG! EEEEK! Now, belive me, this IS a big deal :P its my first blog EVER, on the INTERNET :) ahaha, geeky yes? totally exctiting? VERY. so its summer and i havent accomplished much, imean i DID make a hoodie--...okay maybe thats stretching the truth by a BIT, i revamped it baisically, ill post it by tonight, i hand sewed it, and managed to prink all my fingers (hoorah!) So this is what i want done before summer ends - Revamp ym school backpack? -Buy 5 new tops -Finish all my community hours -Work out for an hour EVERY DAY. * i tthink i can! i think i can! i think i can WHOOOWHOOOOO* -Get a hair cut? -Go fishing and manage to catch a BIG One, NOT a tiny crab like i managed to last time and loose my pole...*oh god..* - Finish atleast 5 major projects? OKay so this is my list, lets see how far i get :) Me. being a huge procastinator...this will be interesting!





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