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I am really really mad at the close-minded "skater" kids on our street. I already posted this rant on the board, so I'll just outline their ridiculous hypocrisy here. Ok. So they think they're all MISUNDERSTOOD and DIFFERENT and UNIQUE. Except when someone different from them a.k.a. me...I'm classified as UGLY. Ugly? Really? That's very immature, guys. Just because I'm *ahem*...unique? Gothic (maybe? hopefully?)? Courtney Couture? (Pick one, I'm a hybrid.)...it doesn't mean I'm ugly. It just means I don't fit into the mainstream. And yes, you are mainstream, you douchebags. You need to get over yourselves. And just because I don't cake on makeup and dress like a slut doesn't mean I'm ugly (did that make sense?) UGH! I really feel like ripping off their heads and drinking their blood out of their skulls right now. By the way, I know that rant didn't make any sense but I really needed to get it out.





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