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Ever since I was a little one, I loved video games. I would have pixelated dreams and get strokes of inspiration for games, wake up and send detailed letter to nintendo (only to recieve kind rejection letters back)...I believe games are more than just games, they are little world you can take with you, forms of art, vehicles for storytelling, and even educational at times. Here are my most coveted games that I could play on nintendo ds...
I would get Wizardology and play it with a stylus wand carved from the branch of a willow tree, read an ancient grimwoire of Merlin and practice drawing runes and reviewing potion ingredients if I had this in my virtual pagan library. If I had My Secret World, I would take it everywhere I went and scrapbook my daily adventures in it. Then I might print the screenshots and make millions of books. Or I would write a virtual book of shadows! This game just looks cute! Armed with just this synthesizer game and my ipod speaker, I would bust out beats on the bus and be a dj anywhere I went... A true videogame to play as another form of ecscape needs the right blend of storyline, movie, and action. Kingdom Hearts has it all. And I love the Disney elements blended with FInal Fantasy. A truly epic adventure. I'm only hoping it'll be as good as the first. My favorite Harry Potter book is The Half Blood Prince because I love potions. When I was younger, I played a computer Harry Potter game based on the first book that inspired me to read the series. I learned a bit about magic from the games and books. I suppose it'd be another good one to add to your magical collection! Maybe it'll reveal the igedients to Felix Felicis? This Enchanted game was released only in Target Stores (even though you can find it on amazon.com) before the movie even came out! It is totally different from the ds game, and I think it'd be cool to check out! PS my birthday is March 27th! Hehehehe just kitty... ;)





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