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Photobucket I feel I have a moral obligation to little animals, obviously this one could stick up for itself. It was on our garden path so I tried to put it onto a coaster so I could move it to the tree. I pushed it onto the coaster using the end of a paintbrush and everytime I poked it, it whipped round and bit my paintbrush!!! I had to tug the paintbrush out of it's mouth! When I got it onto the coaster it didn't appreciate my help at all and ran off the end and disappeared into the grass. Later I found it on the wall. It is a Grey Dagger moth caterpillar, despite it being a bit of a punk I really liked the little bugger. It had 2 horns and it looked like it has 8 little faces on it's body! The pattern is really nice. Speaking of patterns, come with me off to Mochimochi Land. Queen of Mochimochi land, Anna, has some fabulous patterns to buy and even has some free patterns. Photobucket I think the entrance to Mochimochi Land is under Mr.Grass, that's why he's hiding! Luckily there's the website for creatures without the proper paperwork. I'd also like to draw your attention to Fusionman.




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lol cute.


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