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I want one!!! You can print pictures direct from your mobile or camera via bluetooth and the cute size is a bonus! Photobucket As always these things are updated or discontinued over time. So even though the cheapest I've found is £99.99 (which is actually quite pricey to me!), you have to keep buying the paper for it. And, once there is a new model or new technology you can't buy the right paper 'cartridge' anymore. But I still think the PoGo seems great! Polaroid UK At Amazon UK




Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
I found out today that Polaroid have stopped making them! Dazed and Confused have done a fantastic piece on photographer's favourite polaroids and it's lovely.
Bianca P.
Bianca P. · 8 projects
That whould be so helpful seeing as my camra and phone are the same thing!
Not A.
Not A. · Westlake, Ohio, US · 18 projects
ooh that's cool! hopefully i'll have enough money by x-mas to buy one.
Jennyfacé · Wheaton, Illinois, US · 8 projects
Oooh, that was in Popular Science, actually.
I love that magazine...


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