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Heyy, so I've just learned how to make synthetic single-ended dreads and double-ended dreads. Go me. I'm still a little confused on how to make professional looking hair falls... So for the while I'll be making single-ended and double-ended ones. I know how to do both in single colors and candycane style. I've decided I'll be selling my dreads along with my tutus that I'm ever so fond of makeing. <333. Lucky for me, I have tulle on wholesale, so I can get around 54 yards of the crap for $35! BAM! lol. So most definately, I'll be selling those two. Any suggestions on anything else? I want to learn how to make those "tacky plastic necklaces" as I call them. lol... but I don't want to use Shrinky Dinks. So if you know anything I don't, let me know. :] I'm busy with that stuff though, so my website isn't up yet... I don't even really have a name for it. I'm thinking of something like Monster Wear, or something like that. I want it to be a "Carny Theme" though, so if (again) you have any suggestions, I would love to hear. :] And if you know where to get Tripp Skinny Stretch Twill Jeans, or Doc Martins for cheap or on Wholesale, LET ME KNOW! If you would like to purchase a Tutu, I'm only selling pink at the moment, and they're $30... But let me tell you, these are INSANELY nice tutus. Dreads are not for sale at the moment, but I'll let you know when they are. Thanks for reading. :] -Carlee. famousmonster138@yahoo.com (i have yahoo messenger too FYI)




for the plastic necklaces, you could use varnish, i think. I'm not sure how, but I heard thats one way you can make plastic-y necklaces. :]
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Hey I think I know what you mean by the tacky shrinky dinks things, haha! I've looked into it myself and as far as I can find the only other option is buying a pro laser cutter :/ Hope this helps!
Soxbleed · Guarulhos, São Paulo, BR
Just a suggestion, you could always put your stuff up on ETSY.com ^_^
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i love this kid, lol :]

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Shit man, I only know how to make wool dreads and I'm still working on my technique. ( I want to make nice synth dreads too but lord knows I have to figure out a way around my steam problem.)

If you get your site up I'll promote the hell out of it on my MySpace and stuff for you darling Happy And if you need any HTML/CSS/graphics help, I'll try to do what I can <3

To make any of that cool tacky shit just go raid your local thrift store and pick up any really neat jewelry you find, then tear it up and make something out of it. That's what my mum and I do when we want something different Happy


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