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Today was a very difficult day. A boy from my college died this morning. The Friday before last he was in town and tried to stop a fight when he got seriously beaten up. The doctors had to induce a coma and he died this morning. It was so horrible. I didn't know him but everyone was in tears, and in the chapel they were lighting candles and talking about him. Practically half the year went home and loads of lessons got cancelled. It was just so scary that this guy our age died that easily. And it's so sad to think that he did it trying to help someone. I always feel awful when I don't try to stop a fight, but it's because of things like this. Anyway, I'm reading Active Resistance To Propoganda and it's very interesting. I don't necessary agree with all of it but it's definately a good read, and I reccomend it. I'm hoping it'll inspire me to do something creative - I really need that right now. I'm also thinking of writing a Brechtian play over the summer. That should be interesting!




Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
It's hard to know which is which, there's just so much going on. I know his name was Joe but don't know his last name. Apparently a guy was beating up his girlfriend, he broke it up and the girl got her friends to beat him up. I hope that petulant, pathetic girl gets what she deserves.
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
I think I heard about this, although there's been a lot of reporting of this sort of crime at the mo...another one of many who died because of stupid selfish people Happy



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