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So today everything at the thrift store was 50%-75% which is fabulous for us thrifty shoppers. So i was looking around and at first didnt see much that interested me. Then i saw a huge shelf which one whole row was filled with vintage patterns!!! they were all 50 cents a peice which means today they were 25 cents so you can imagine my excitement !!!!!!!!!!! i bought 2 easy McCalls patterns # 4756 & 4833 and a few simplicity patterns im actually new to patterns and sewing in general so i figured this would be good for practice i also splurged on one pattern today simply because it was to cute to pass up NEWLOOK BABY # 6662 WOW WISH I HAD LOOKED AT THE NUMBER BEFORE THE PURCHASE I HOPE THIS ISNT BAD LUCK ill just pretend i didnt see it lol





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