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Well, after 4 years, and countless months, i decided it was time for a holiday. So, with my mum living in Turkey, i thought it was time to make the most of the quiet season at work and book me a break! So, in the words of Peter Kay, i booked it, packed it (several times), and F'ked off! 14 days of sun, 14 days of mum! I dont get to see much of either in Manchester! But i enjoy and make the most of both when i have them! I took some awesome photos, and saw some amazing sites. I got myself a freckle full tan and met some great people. And of course, i made a trip to the wool shop where my mum goes, hand picks the wool for me, and posts it to me every now and then. I was amazed to see how many colours, styles and prices of the wool! SO cheap, colourful and great quality! I chose myself some different colours and got myself some wonderful beads from my mums friends shop. 14 days passed quite slow, but fast towards the end. To sum up the whole experience, id have to say it was INSPIRING. Ideas are coming out of my ears and my hands cant get to work fast enough! Im going to make a lot of things, which with any luck i will have the time to post them on here, perhaps a few more how to's. I am now saving up and awaiting my next holiday with the girls in September! Who knows what will happen that holiday!!





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