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Ok, so I went to the pound shop and bought a packet of ten small boxes, so ok they were a pound, I spent £5 on boxes, I got fifty! My new storage I'm so excited becuase I went to my craft shop and got so much stuff, but I had to sort it all out so I dont loose it so for a whole day thats what I did. My new storage I made a cuttte little sewing box the day after, it turned out rather well because it is the biggest project I have done. a href="http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk129/graceld/?action=view¤t=SP_A0104.jpg" target="_blank">Sewing Box I also made a scoobie doo ring, based from Cat Morley's. I LOVE IT. I really want to make a bracelet, which will probs. be my next craft! Scoobie Doo Ring




Grace D
Grace D · London, GB · 83 projects
I dont know what stuff under your blog?
Chelsea K.
Chelsea K. · Fargo, North Dakota, US · 8 projects
What stuff under my blog?? lol I love your stuff and want it!


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