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name: Ariel age: 18 how did you become a witch? I'm pretty sure I was born this way. are you solitary or have a coven? solitary for the most part what kinds of magick do you practice? all around shamanism i suppose, healing, potion making, pyramid power, crafting an epic lifestyle... do you do candle magick? yes where do you get your supplies? it comes to me, nature, the streets, yard sales, gifts, ect... do you always use a circle when doing spells? everything's a spell, i couldn't keep up all the time do you have any fav books on magick? weetzie bat by franscesca lia block do you do tarot? i'm going to school for it... do you have a deck? and what kind? I have a Rider-Waite for study purposes, a Tarot de Marseille for collage and art projects, a Celtic Animal Oracle deck, a Sacred Path native american deck, and I'm making my own at the moment. how good are you at it? surprisingly well. whats your sign? aries with an aquarius rising what about any psychic fortune telling? I've been known to make a few predicitions or two, and I know some prophecies... do you have any familiars? yes how many? 2 names and type of animals? two cats, their full names are Brave Keebler Queercat-Costco and Miss Kitten Little Tripper, an they have various nicknames real or in the astral realm? they exist in RL! do you do any magick with your familiars or have you yet? Well, I don't consider it magic, but Keebler talks to me an has taught me the secrets of hypnosis what do you believe about the origin of the universe? one thought that led to a million others that took on lives of their own what do you believe about what happens during reincarnation? whatever you want, really. it's all subjective to your beliefs. what are your thoughts about soulmates? we're all soulmates. there are soul families and soulmate lovers, soulmate best friens, soulmate buisness partners, soulmate pets, soul sisters, and all sorts.





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