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Is it 6 months? Either way, it's disgusting! I've been absent foreeevveerrr. Well, update! Not a lot has really happened, I moved to Cheltenham in the UK with my dapper chipper chapper and our menagerie and I hated it. I got a new job (a few actually) and then I got really sick (boo!) so I've been staying away from the internet in an effort to feel better. I'm still in testing at the moment (grumble) but hopefully I'll be all better sometime soon. In the meantime, I've have been; Learning to knit Playing with Fimo Baking Petit Fours Cuddling with my man-shape Playing on my 360 And Plotting 2009! Is anybody else as psyched as I am for the start of '09? Yay I'm so excited for the new year! :D Here's to 09, and have a very VERY Happy Crimble everyone! PEACE LOVE AND CRAFTSTERS CRAMP, Alex x




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well I hope you feel better


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