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Based on all the projects on this site. It seems that fimo and shrink plastic are very popular. I have no idea what it's like and I never used it. I'm going to go to Michael's soon to get some, but I need to first know if it's good quality. Will the plastic break? Will the Fimo crumble? Please comment to answer me back.




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i love shrink plastic! its awesome, i recently made keychain, a bookbag tag and a pendant for my nephews and my niece for their birthday. You might want to check out some vids on youtube.com to get more of what it is. The shrink plastic are like sheets of plastic that you can draw and color on and then you cut it out with scissors and put in oven and watch it shrink before your eyes. it comes in different colors.

I dont use fimo cause its a bit more pricey so I get polymer clay and to me its just the same. That is another supply that you can come up with endless possiblitlies on the crafting world Happy

I hope I helped a bit. Good luck and hope to see your nefty new projects.

later gater



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