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Meow. So I bought this beautiful top from a vintage store yesterday. It's kinda beige (I hate saying that, it instantly sounds disgusting) and it has a small kinda greeny pattern on it, and it's long sleeved and with lace down the front. It looks lovely, but the only problem is there's a big hole in the side. It looks like there used to be a zip there (there's one in the same place on the other side), it's not like broken it's just that a seam has come undone. So tomorrow I'm going to wear it with a top underneath it, as it's too short for winter anyway, but what should I do? I can't do zips. I'm just hoping no one will notice it haha. So I was thinking that with some blue jeans, not sure what shoes yet but possibly my Alice ones. I'd like to do my hair in that 40s/50s way with the scarf but I don't know how? I have some nice vintage scarves that would look nice. And obviously a bit of red lipstick =) I'll post pictures and that, should be a nice outfit!





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