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We've seen them everywhere: online,in stores,at fe'tes,fairs & festivals; talented artisans and crafters alike,selling there wares, either as a second income or to earn a living. Being in the Craft business is so rewarding because you because you can make a living off what you make. More and more people are buying and supporting handmade products because they are more specially made and with alot more care and effort. Here are 5 reasons why you too should join the craft business industry: 1)The flexiblity - Being able to work at your own pace,at your own hours. You have the control of how big or small you want the business to be. 2)The satisfaction - The satisfaction that these are your own creations that are handmade and most of all,unique. 3)The extra income - Hey,now who wouldn't like that?! 4)The freedom - To be your own boss,make your own decisions, do what you want to do. 5)Lastily,The enjoyment - Running your own craft business can not only be fun but,it is also rewarding,not only are you sharing with other people your fabulous creations but you have an excuse to do crafting all day long and get paid for it.




Darling Niki
Darling Niki · Clearwater, Florida, US · 20 projects
So true! My business started out of just starting a hobby and next thing I knew it outgrew just making some for my friends Happy


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