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I've been collecting beer caps for AGES. I now have 3 large shoe boxes full of 'em. I was planning to use them for some crafty project, and kept collecting and collecting, and never really thought too much about WHAT exactly I was going to use them for. I could make earrings, maybe a necklace... was thinking about a beer cap studded belt, maybe use them for a mosaic on a coffee table? Lampshades... I love lampshades! Hmm... My indecisive tendency is coming out. So I'm not quite sure just what I'm going to make yet. As I go through my many beer caps I just remember all the memories... haha! What good times now past. But alas, there they sit, in my shoe boxes gathering dust. They will be put to good use, someday. Today? I think not, but there is always the possibility of tomorrow. Photobucket




I can see Newcastle brown ale bottle tops - very cool x


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