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Tiny Crochet Bag

These super cure bags are just the right size for an egg! Great Easter gift.

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Crochet Star Motif

Use up teeny yarn scraps to make these cool little stars.

♥ 0
Oh So Lush Cowl

Great beginner Cowl that you can whip up in a few hours.

♥ 0
Badtz Maru

Hello Kitty Crochet

♥ 3
Octagon Crochet Motif (With Square Joiner Block)

Octagons are just as cool as hexies - whip some up - they're fun :)

♥ 1

A pretty and easy cowl for the cool weather ahead

♥ 0
Pom Pom Pom Hat

With pom pom yarn and a pom pom up top, assured hit with the kids!

♥ 2
What A Melon Coaster Set

These watermelon inspired coasters whip up in no time and make a cute summer project

♥ 1
V Stitch Fingerless Gloves

Keep your hands warm in style with these finger-less puff v-stitch gloves

♥ 5
Ice Cream Delight Mug Cozy

Keep your mug warm in style with this mug cozy

♥ 1
Fox Crochet Toy

What does the fox say? toy!

♥ 1
Squirrel Amigurumi

An easy pattern for an adorable squirrel amigurumi.

♥ 1
Pencil^2 Case

Make it a pencil case or a toy, this cute crochet pencil is sure to be a hit

♥ 4
T Shirt Yarn Storage Basket

Reuse your old t-shirts to make this cute and useful basket

♥ 6
Mario Brother's Chain Chomp Beanie

Chomp Chomp!

♥ 0
The Net Set Legwarmers

Happy Feet

♥ 2
How To Double Crochet

How to make a dc.

♥ 1
Double Crochet Stitch Scarf

Technique Tuesday, how to crochet a scarf

♥ 0
Crochet Embroidered Jumper.

Completely personalise that boring old knitted jumper!

♥ 7
Snuggly Sloth

♥ 2
Bear Mason Jar Cosy   For Cold Or Hot Drinks

This cute bear will protect your hands from cold or hot beverages!

♥ 7
Forget Me Not Headband

crochet, headband, forget-me-not, crochet flowers, crochet accessory

♥ 3
Mandy Cowl

Fantastically soft and luxurious cowl - you will want to wear it all day, everyday!

♥ 1
Pooky, Garfield's Teddy

♥ 1
Om Nom Crochet

♥ 3
Crocheted Dragon

♥ 0
Mario Brothers

♥ 0
Goomba (From Mario)

♥ 0
Sweet Leaf Toddler Hat

Incredibly adorable, quick to knit, super soft baby hat.

♥ 5

♥ 1
Princess Sparkle Scarf

A perfect, pink, sparkly scarf for your Princess.

♥ 1

Quick to knit, dazzling accessory!

♥ 0
South Park Amigurumi

♥ 1
Baby Amanda Hat

An adorable, mini sized Amanda Hat for the treasured baby in your life!

♥ 2
Wanna Washie Washcloth

A lovely, textured washcloth for any room of your house.

♥ 3
Hojas Shawl

Knit a Hojas Shawl

♥ 5
How To Make A Garter Tab Cast On

knitting cast on garter stitch shawls

♥ 0
Amanda Hat

A fantastically soft and universally attractive hat.

♥ 2
Pretty In Pom Pom Headband

an easy fashion forward project!

♥ 2
Chevron Baby Blanket

Chevron baby blanket with a straight edge

♥ 2
Crocheting In The Back Loop Only (Blo)

Crocheting in the Back Loop Only (BLO)

♥ 0
Crochet Minion Bottle Cosy

Keep your hands warm and your beverage cool with this Minion Cosy.

♥ 3
Three Needle Cast Off

How to do a three needle cast off in knitting

♥ 1
Purly Fog Cup Cozy

Knit a Purly Fog Cup Cozy with The Purple Purl

♥ 1
Stripy Sausage Dog

Knitted Dogs and Puppies

♥ 5
Tiny Crochet Flowers

Create tiny crochet flowers with only one round.

♥ 16
Cow Bow Wow

Woolly Woofers

♥ 1
Sugar Candy Skull

Inspired by Day of the Dead Sugar Candy Skulls

♥ 21
Reckoning Rectangles Shawl

Knitting Reimagined

♥ 10
How to finger knit

How to finger knit a scarf!

♥ 34
Basic Rubber Band Looping Technique

The Basic Looping Technique: using a hook

♥ 0
How To Make A Horse

how to make a horse

♥ 0
Dutch Dairy Cow

♥ 1
Little Fox Friend

♥ 1
Croshades Yarnbomb Accessory

These sunglasses are the ultimate yarnbomb accessory. Guaranteed to produce a smile.

♥ 3
Cuddly Sun

A crochet sun that's sure to brighten your day!

♥ 8
Rainbow Chicken Amigurumi


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