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Crocheting In The Back Loop Only (Blo)

Crocheting in the Back Loop Only (BLO)

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Crochet Minion Bottle Cosy

Keep your hands warm and your beverage cool with this Minion Cosy.

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Three Needle Cast Off

How to do a three needle cast off in knitting

♥ 1
Purly Fog Cup Cozy

Knit a Purly Fog Cup Cozy with The Purple Purl

♥ 0
Stripy Sausage Dog

Knitted Dogs and Puppies

♥ 2
Tiny Crochet Flowers

Create tiny crochet flowers with only one round.

♥ 6
Cow Bow Wow

Woolly Woofers

♥ 1
Sugar Candy Skull

Inspired by Day of the Dead Sugar Candy Skulls

♥ 5
Reckoning Rectangles Shawl

Knitting Reimagined

♥ 4
How to finger knit

How to finger knit a scarf!

♥ 27
Basic Rubber Band Looping Technique

The Basic Looping Technique: using a hook

♥ 0
How To Make A Horse

how to make a horse

♥ 0
Dutch Dairy Cow

♥ 1
Little Fox Friend

♥ 1
Croshades Yarnbomb Accessory

These sunglasses are the ultimate yarnbomb accessory. Guaranteed to produce a smile.

♥ 3
Cuddly Sun

A crochet sun that's sure to brighten your day!

♥ 7
Rainbow Chicken Amigurumi


♥ 2
Bowser Sweater For A Tortoise

Crochet your turtle a Bowser Sweater and he'll be the toughest pet on the block!

♥ 6
Acorn Amigurumi

These acorns are great for toys, jewelry, home decor, and so much more!

♥ 17
Batman Mask For Adults

You can be the next caped crusader with my crochet Batman mask for adults.

♥ 10
Rainbow Donkey

It's a donkey. It's a unicorn. It's a donkicorn!

♥ 11
Cute Crocheted Cacti

♥ 8
Heirloom Blanket

Fair Isle & Nordic Knits

♥ 4
Rose Garden Cardigan

Fair Isle & Nordic Knits

♥ 2
Minion And Cupcake

Minions love cupcakes

♥ 16
Sperm Whale

Cutest Little Sperm Whale

♥ 7
Death Star Pillow

That's no moon.

♥ 53
Mixed Media Crochet: Festoon Pendant

Lacy gear for the neck..

♥ 6


♥ 10
Rob Fordgurumi

Toronto's favourite mayor

♥ 4
Tree Trunks Elephant

Sexiest Adventurer in the World

♥ 36
Coffee Jar T Lite Holder Cozy

Coffee, knitting, reuse, recycle, sustainability, yarn craft, #crafty

♥ 1
Colossal Squid

Giant Squid

♥ 12
Cross Stitch Card

Cross Stitch a Greeting Card!

♥ 5
Easy Crochet Baskets

A simple & rewarding crochet project.

♥ 7
Crochet Baby Cardigan

♥ 0
Magic The Gathering Island Potholder

Instant-Speed Safety

♥ 1
Crochet Bunting   Left Handed

A Bunting All Your Own

♥ 0
Magic The Gathering Swamp Potholder

Geek out in the kitchen, swamp style!

♥ 4
Magic The Gathering Forest Potholder

Geek out in the kitchen with forest mana!

♥ 1
Magic The Gathering Plains Potholder

Get fancy, but keep it plains.

♥ 1
Magic The Gathering Mountain Potholder

Is that a fireball or a casserole?

♥ 2
Crochet Popcorn Flower

A cute and fun flower that makes a great accessory for anything!

♥ 4
Knitted Bracelet Pattern

A basic knitted bracket made to size

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