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Nice 'n' Simple

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I got bored and decided i needed to make a cute dress - not bad, right?

So i made this in about an hour or so, and it turned out really cute. I'm not great at making actual clothing (or good at making anything with my sewing machine, for that matter) and i kind of just pulled this out of my butt. As you can see... i'm a double zero haha. Most of the time i am tailoring my clothes at least a little, but this one fits perfect, which is nice. It's a little off in some areas, but not bad for probably about $6. Ignore the bra straps and the Gir slippers in the background. The ribbon is sewn to the back, and then you tie it however you want, and that's it. Fairly simple. It actually kind of reminds me of Le Sac dress. That's my next dress to make! <3 You can't really tell, but it has a scalloped hem on the bottom, too. If enough people ask i'll make a how-to :)


Black Dress

Black Dress

Made from a bedsheet!

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Rockabilly Wiggle Dress

Rockabilly Wiggle Dress

I salvaged an unfinished dress and gave it new life :)

♥ 21
Tartan Shirt Dress

Tartan Shirt Dress

tried to buy a tartan dress I liked, decided making one was an easier option :) Also should say SHIFT dress, not shirt.

♥ 8
Light Summer Dress Made From A Bed Sheet

Light Summer Dress Made From A Bed Sheet

This dress was made from a 1985 pattern I found in a thrift store.

♥ 96
My First Dress

My First Dress

Vogue V1102 - perfect for a winter wedding

♥ 31
Duvet Cover To Dress

Duvet Cover To Dress

Single union jack duvet cover into a 'vintage' shift dress

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