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Phoenix, Arizona
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Very simple case that's easy to make!

Very simple IPod/Iphone case that I made from felt I had laying around. I'm super excited with how it turned out! Didn't get a picture of this but I also added a button on the inside so as to keep the IPod safely tucked inside! ^_^



Mario Mushroom I Pod Cozy

Mario Mushroom I Pod Cozy

Mario Mushroom iPod covers

♥ 253
iPod Cosy

iPod Cosy

Keep your iPod warm this winter by knitting it a snug little cosy.

♥ 45
Pod Case

Pod Case

A pretty place to hide your precious

♥ 1
Ear Bud Carrying Case

Ear Bud Carrying Case

Quick and easy place to stash your ear buds.

♥ 2
Ipod Carrying Case

Ipod Carrying Case

little Ipod case

♥ 40
Ipod Sandwhich Cover

Ipod Sandwhich Cover

A nice, non-edible sandwich to keep your Ipod/Mp3 Player Warm :)

♥ 628



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