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Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States
Square small denim wrist cuff
Square small new bag i made
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This tote was made with Pet screen from the hardware store. There great to use for the beach with 6 outside pockets, machine washable, and very sturdy.

Found this cool pattern online, and made a few tote bags using Pet screen. They came out awesome, and they were fun to make. Hope you like them!


Plastic Bag Bags

Plastic Bag Bags

Recycle your plastic shopping bags into a new one!

♥ 14
Knotted Plastic Bag

Knotted Plastic Bag

Plastic bag out of plastic bags :D

♥ 15
Kool Aid Bag

Kool Aid Bag

Re-use these drink pouches and make a fun bag!

♥ 5
Juice Pouch Tote

Juice Pouch Tote

Easy recycled tote that can be made in different sizes!

♥ 6
The Doggy Bag!

The Doggy Bag!

Turn a dog food bag in to a tote.

♥ 83
Simple Pillow Case Bag

Simple Pillow Case Bag

Quick and easy pillowcase purse

♥ 17



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