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About this project

A shoulder bag made on a peg loom in varying shades of blue

I went to a peg loom weaving workshop to learn the basic techniques and get some ideas, but it's really easy to learn, just Google it. Unlike knitting your 'mistakes' become features rather than something you have to unpick!

The weaving takes shape really fast, in fact the most time-consuming part was sewing the lining in and sewing it all together.

I added some belly dancing coins to the bottom as I like it to jingle!

It's not the most robust of bags, but with care I hope it'll last.

If you can source yarn in charity shops etc. it'll be a lot cheaper, and almost anything comes out looking amazing on peg looms. You can also use unspinned wool.



Bumble Bee Bottom Bag  Crochet Plarn

Bumble Bee Bottom Bag Crochet Plarn

Crochet plarn bag with curling ribbon flowers

♥ 0
Tiny Crochet Bag

Tiny Crochet Bag

These super cure bags are just the right size for an egg! Great Easter gift.

♥ 1
Crocheted Shopping Market Tote Bags

Crocheted Shopping Market Tote Bags

Re-usable and super stretchy!

♥ 14
Miniature Knitting Bag

Miniature Knitting Bag

This miniature knitting bag can be completed in an afternoon and makes an excellent ornament or gift for a knitting friend. It's also a great way to use up leftover sock yarn.

♥ 2
Crochet A Free People Like Beach Bag

Crochet A Free People Like Beach Bag

Save tons of dough by making your own!

♥ 47
Granny Square Handbag

Granny Square Handbag

A classic made a little more modern.

♥ 4



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