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A simple project to light up the holiday season!

A staple decoration at both my mom's and my grandma's house for the holidays is the Christmas village. My sister and I were always in charge of setting it up, making sure all the houses were lit and the trees would stand up. Of course now that I'm living away from home, I needed my own holiday village.


Alice In Wonderland Card Soldier

Alice In Wonderland Card Soldier

To stand guard at any A i W party

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K On Yui Papercraft

K On Yui Papercraft

cute and easy

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Paper Ice Cream Cone Project

Paper Ice Cream Cone Project

Mmmm ice cream... This paper ice cream cone craft is a cute summer craft that is great for kids of all ages. Simply print our provided template and let your child color in the scoops to creat their own flavors. Our daughter decided to make pink vanilla ice cream! Once the cone is glued together add an extra level of fun by adding on sprinkles. This is a fun summer craft for kids that incorporates scissor skills, gluing skills and fun sensory play.

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Wind Up Paper Butterfly

Wind Up Paper Butterfly

Amazing and moving paper butterfly!

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2.5" Paper Baseball Caps

2.5" Paper Baseball Caps

Print & build, or customise your own Paper Baseball Cap

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Despicable Me Minion (Paper Craft)

Despicable Me Minion (Paper Craft)


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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects

wooow this is pretty , beauriful and adorable , love it very very much!!! thank you for sharing this.!!!!;-D


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