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Nice & Simple

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Hanover, Niedersachsen, DE
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Small img 1497 my finger on the rock´n´roll trigger...

Finally, i got my hands on this amazing tee i bought at the Hellnights Tour last year (yeah!). It´s a tee from the fabulous band/guy called Nim Vind. I bought size extra large to be sure to have enough fabric to fit my butt and it´s long enough to be a dress for me.
icut off the top and added a band for a deep neckline. The red jersey i stencilled with little bats like i did in another tee project before.

sorry for the messy background in the main picture, i have to tidy up my room... if you wonder what´s behind my back (no, i have no hump :)) that´s a sample of a jacket with puff sleeves...
i also wear a normal t-shirt under the dress in that picture!
oops, i know, there´s a l missing in shoulder, my keyboard has some probs!!




You Will Need

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  1. Step 1 1

    Lay down your shirt on a table or something (i used a couch because my boyfriend has no table O.o) and put your fitting tank on it.
    I stretched my tank a bit because the Men´s Tee isn´t that stretchy than my knit top. Flip over the top (most of the straps) so there´s a straight line at the top.
    If you want a dress instead of a top just extend the sides of the tank with a ruler.

  2. Step 2 2

    now cut your new shape with seam allowance.

    measure your circumfence at the shoulder where the band will be and substract about 5cm. now you have the length of your band. you can divide it by two and cut two parts so you have two seams at the shoulder or you just cut a long strip and have only one seam. i cut two strips because i like the symmetry of two seams at the shoulder...
    the width of the band depends on you! just decide how wide you want it and double that number. Don´t forget seam allowances!!
    for finishing the edges at the armhole cut a strip of bias tape out of jersey (approx. 3cm wide).

  3. 3

    sew the side seams of the dress and the band.

  4. Step 4 4

    pin the bias tape at the armholes right sides facing and sew.
    now you can just flip it over and topstitch or flip over, tuck-in and topstitch for a nice finish even on the inside.

  5. Step 5 5

    measure how long the top edge of the dress is.
    part the band by two and measure half of the distance from the middle to each side.

  6. Step 6 6

    now pin the top edge of the dress to the lower edge of the band (right sides facing) and sew.

  7. 7

    tuck in the seam allowances of the band and topstitch around OR if you want a more stretchy band and an invisible seam slipstitch by hand.

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