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League City, SE Texas, United States
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glossy blondie

Was rockin' some newspaper nails a few weeks ago, and my friend Brian mentioned how cool it would be if someone used a comic strip. Pretty rad! I used Blondie for this. I found that if you use the same cartoon on all of your nails the look will be more cohesive. Also, paint your nails white first so the colors pop more.



Magazine Nails!

Magazine Nails!

An easy and simple way to stay bang on trend!

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Newspaper Nails :)

Newspaper Nails :)

How to make your nails readable ;)

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Newspaper Nail Art

Newspaper Nail Art

easy nail art .

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Twilight Nails

Twilight Nails

For all the Twilight fans !

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Newspaper Nail Art Using Water!! :)

Newspaper Nail Art Using Water!! :)

Use water and create wonderful nails :)

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Newsprint Nails   No Glue!

Newsprint Nails No Glue!

Make newsprint on your nails without glue - only need polish, newspaper and alcohol

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