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Pretty Easy

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Merritt Island, Florida, Florida
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As is a project made from the leftover scraps from the pillowcase travel roll.

From the leftover pieces of fabric from the pillowcase travel roll (see my other projects), I made this bag utilizing almost all of the fabric. Since my travel roll is for sewing stuff, I put my sewing machine foot pedal in this bag and I have a nice matching set to take to sewing class! Waste not, want not!!!




You Will Need

Project Cost
Almost Nothing

  1. Step 1 1

    Take the large leftover pillowcase piece and fold in half longways(seam on the bottom)mark, then cut in half.
    You can also make this with other leftover bits of fabric, the size can be modified to your choosing.

  2. Step 2 2

    You will be making a lined bag, so you need to sew each piece down the side seams, make sure you sew right sides together!

  3. Step 3 3

    Now squash down the corners at the bottom. You are going to sew across the corners on both bag pieces.Go about an inch in from the tip.

  4. Step 4 4

    See? After you sew across, trim the corners.

  5. Step 5 5

    Now with the long fabric strip of leftover fabric, cut a chunk off that you can double and make a square.

  6. Step 6 6

    Place right sides together and pin, then sew all around making sure you leave a space so that you can turn the pocket. After sewing, turn it and iron the heck out of it making sure you stuff that open side seam inside the pocket.

  7. Step 7 7

    Oh! I also sewed across the top of the pocket for a nice hem before attaching the pocket. Next,on the outside of your bag piece, place the pocket and pin in place.

  8. Step 8 8

    Use the free arm of your machine and sew on the pocket. (Make sure you don't sew the sides of the bag together!)

  9. Step 9 9

    Now place one bag piece inside the other. Place them wrong sides together.

  10. Step 10 10

    Now take the long piece of fabric and wrap it around the bag for a measurement, add a couple of inches and cut. Then pin right sides together to the bag and sew around the top of the bag.

  11. Step 11 11

    Iron the piece with the seam down toward the bag. Then fold down about 1/2" on the top and fold in the sides, then iron.

  12. Step 12 12

    Make it nice and crisp!

  13. Step 13 13

    Fold the piece down and have the folded side match up to the seam line at the top. Pin and sew in place at the seam line and at the top, this will make the casing for the ribbon. See the sideways seam? That is the opening for your ribbon!

  14. Step 14 14

    Get a safety pin and attach it to your ribbon, then feed it through the casing. I always put a little fray check on the ends of the ribbon.

  15. Step 15 15

    Remember I told you that you would have hardly any fabric left? Well, take that one last chunk and cut a bias piece about 2 inches wide out of it.

  16. Step 16 16

    Fold it in half, pin and sew the bottom and the side, leave the top open for turning.

  17. Step 17 17

    Use a tube turner and turn the strip then iron it flat, flat, flat!

  18. Step 18 18

    Make a loop and sew it to the side of the bag opposite of the ribbon tie. (on the inside of course!)

  19. Step 19 19

    There you go!!! Put stuff in it and you're ready to go!

  20. Step 20 20

    This is the last bits that I had leftover. Hmmmmm....let's see....I could make a couple of fabric yo yos to embellish the bag?!!

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