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Accokeek, Maryland, United States
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Cute Kitty Hat - Meow!

I made this for a Christmas gift for my niece. I am currently making more for my other nieces and my sisters. Cats all around.

I added the long braided tails to the pattern that I used. I feel like it completes the hat.



The Easiest Kitty Hat You Will Ever Knit.

The Easiest Kitty Hat You Will Ever Knit.

Are you a begining knitter, but you want to make something super cute? Try this out!

♥ 118
Bowler Hat With Cat Ears!

Bowler Hat With Cat Ears!

Pep up a spare old bowler with snazzy felt cat ears!

♥ 104
Kitten Kap

Kitten Kap

Kitten Cap/Face warmer

♥ 18
Crazy Cat Hat

Crazy Cat Hat

You'll want this hat right *meow*!

♥ 42
Neko Cat Hat 1

Neko Cat Hat 1

Cute cosplay item for all Nekomimis - also perfectly wearable on cold days :)

♥ 151
Cheshire Cat Beanie!

Cheshire Cat Beanie!

from the Tim Burton version.

♥ 7



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