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This requires coconut oil & letting it sit in your hair for a hour+

These pictures in the steps will show the process of removing my stubborn red color.

For this guide, we are using the coconut oil method and a bleach bath (aka soap cap). By protecting your hair in oil, you will get little to no damage from bleaching. This also speeds up the process!

Coconut oil:
I've used the expensive organic kind and the super cheap $3 kind at a market. It all works the same. This oil is a solid so fill up your sink with hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes. Apply this all over your hair. Soaking, dripping... the better! Wear an old shirt/towel or wrap your hair up in a bag. Wait at least a hour. I recommend at least 3 hours. Reapply the oil before you apply your bleach mixture.

-Don't expect to go blonde in one day.
-Wait 3-7 days inbetween bleachings.
-Don't leave bleach on longer than one hour.
-Use 40 volume for black hair & 20/30 volume for lighter.
-You can use this method for bleaching and dyes that use developer (to activate color).

Bleach bath recipe:
Mix your bleach and developer as your instructions tell you to. I actually scoop a tiny bit of water into the bowl and pour a bunch of clarifying shampoo into it. Mix it all together!


Can I dye my hair afterwards?

Shampoo your hair at least two times to remove the oil. Your hair will feel dry. Do not use conditioner. Blowdry your hair and feel for any residue. Re-wash again if necessary

My hair didn't lift enough, how should I treat it?
Use a conditioning or oil treatment. Mix a small amount of coconut oil in it if you like! Air dry :) Shampoo it out the next day. Wait a few days and bleach it for 20-30 minutes.

How do I know my hair is ready to be dyed?

Assuming that your hair has lifted enough. It shouldn't have any oil residue leftover. If you shampooed it out 100% then you need to airdry or blow dry your hair 100%. Bone dry. If you are not sure, wait a day, shampoo again and dry it.

What are veggie dyes?

RAW, SFX, Punky, Manic Panic, Ion Brights (only), etc.
These will condition your hair. I recommend leaving these dyes in for at least 3 hours. (Remember, patience!) You can wrap it up for the night and wake up to wash soft new hair :)

Sometimes I'll wash out the dye early and I'll end having to redyeing it to brighten or deepen the color, so save your time!

Can I use the coconut oil method with dye?

Veggie dyes, no! Any dyes that require using a developer to activate color, YES. These dyes you can only leave it for 25 minutes or the time recommended for that exact dye.

*I do not recommend double processing. Wait 1-3 days before you use those dyes (developer) on freshly bleached hair.*



  1. How to make a coloring & dying. How To Safely Bleach (Or Dye) Your Hair - Step 1 1

    Take your coconut oil (jar or bottle) and fill up a sink with hot water. It needs to melt!

    Apply the oil all over your hair. It must be saturated. Put your hair up and wrap it with a bag. Wait 1-3 hours. If you have damaged hair wait 4-5 hours The longer the better!

  2. How to make a coloring & dying. How To Safely Bleach (Or Dye) Your Hair - Step 2 2

    Mix your powder bleach and the correct volume developer. Squirt in clarifying shampoo (half the amount of your bleach mixture) and mix it together!

    Black hair: 30 or 40
    Lighter hair: 20
    Bleaching out a color: 20 or 30

  3. How to make a coloring & dying. How To Safely Bleach (Or Dye) Your Hair - Step 3 3

    Reapply some oil to your hair. Apply your bleach mix starting from the bottom to top. Make sure it's saturated evenly.

    Tip: Have someone help you apply the other side.

    *It's best to save the roots for last since it lifts quickly.

  4. How to make a coloring & dying. How To Safely Bleach (Or Dye) Your Hair - Step 4 4

    Wrap up your hair and wait at least 40 minutes. Check your hair every 5-10 minutes after. Do not exceed 60 minutes.

    Photo: This was a 40 minute bleach bath. This is light enough for purple to go on top.

  5. How to make a coloring & dying. How To Safely Bleach (Or Dye) Your Hair - Step 5 5

    Wash it out!

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