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Nice & Simple

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California, California, US
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Make your self some cute floral sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun this summer!

I've been lusting after a pair of floral printed sunglasses, for a while now but i didn't feel like shelling out extra money for a pair of cheap frames, so I found an online tutorial and did it myself. I only did the sides of my sunglasses, and I'm not sure if i should do the front around the lenses, what do you guys think?

Some tips and tricks:
I made some minor modifications to the other site's instructions. I would suggest if you want to make the glasses look like the floral print ones in stores to find a magazine with picures of floral print fabric, wallpaper or rugs to cut out, but a home and garden magazine with photos of real flowers can work too.
-I used mod-podge but I would suggest using something more permanent like crazy glue or e6000
-Also after you glue the images on its a good idea to find a permenant varnish or sealer to cover the images an protect them from damage



Embellished Sunglasses

Embellished Sunglasses

Perfect for making some boring sunglasses something special

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Blinged Out Chain Glasses (A Morir/ Amber Rose Stylee)

Blinged Out Chain Glasses (A Morir/ Amber Rose Stylee)

designer hack ghetto shades. good for deflecting paparazzi flashes and for sitting on the beach.

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Pointless But Pretty Shades!

Pointless But Pretty Shades!

Yaaaay purposeless shades! :D

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Chanel Inspired Sunglasses

Chanel Inspired Sunglasses

Cost for Chanel Sunglasses $2,200 - DIY'ed for under $4.

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Lace Bat Glasses

Lace Bat Glasses

Batman needs glasses too.

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Lady Ga Ga Style Sunglasses

Lady Ga Ga Style Sunglasses

Who doesn't want to look a tiny bit tacky?

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