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Double Sided Handkerchief
Wicked Witch Of The East
Feathers On A Chain Facinator
Based on Feathers On A Chain Facinator by Solari

A mixture of colourful grizzly feathers and natural speckle ones (:

Very cheap and very easy!

Make a great Christmas or Birthday present :D


Diy Jeweled Bobby Pins

Diy Jeweled Bobby Pins

fancy new use for mis-matched earrings!

♥ 5
Diy Gold Twig Hair Pins

Diy Gold Twig Hair Pins

Accessories from nature.

♥ 1
Butterfly Hair Pins

Butterfly Hair Pins

Great Summer Accessory

♥ 14
Glitter Hair Pins

Glitter Hair Pins

Sparkle Hearts and Stars

♥ 2
Rainbow Sewing Pin

Rainbow Sewing Pin

polymer clay, polymer, clay, fimo, sewing pin, pin, rainbow, skinner blend, jelly roll, tuto, tutorial, how to, instructions, rainbow, spirals, cane, caning, blend, millefiori, tecnique, colorfull,

♥ 33
Japonism Hair Pins

Japonism Hair Pins

Don't you just LOVE the beautiful kimonos that the geisha & maiko wear?

♥ 49


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