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Learn how to bake a cookie

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Burger Cookies

Burger Cookies

Burger sugar cookies

♥ 310
Nutella Cookies

Nutella Cookies

Wondeful cookies that will amaze everybody! <3

♥ 296
Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

Crispy on the outside, and chewy in the middle!

♥ 233
Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

Add a twist to the game and lure your friends in with tasty fortune cookies.

♥ 215
Swirly Sparkly Cookie Pops

Swirly Sparkly Cookie Pops

How to make sparkly mod cookie pops

♥ 207

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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Graham Crackers

♥ 1
Simple Rice Krispie Cereal Cookies

Fun and simple cookie recipe, perfect to make with kids

♥ 1
Almond Cafe Cookies

Amazing almond flavored cookies. Start with a log of sugar cookie dough.

♥ 6
Gingerbread Cut Out Cookies

These soft gingerbread cookies are easy to cut into any shape and so yummy!

♥ 1
Red Velvet Cookies With Cream Cheese Icing

These rich red velvet cookies are topped with the smoothest cream cheese icing!

♥ 9
Mini Mason Jar Cookie Gifts

Give them a really yummy gift!

♥ 25
S'mores Cookie Bars

A sweet treat without the need for a campfire.

♥ 8
Embossed Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies

Or any shape!

♥ 3
Gingerbread Barn

Not only for Christmas, but another option for birthday cake.

♥ 0
Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie's

Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

♥ 2
Santa Cookies

Cute Santa Cookies

♥ 0
Game Night Fun   10 Of Hearts Cookie

A sweet treat to serve at a family game night.

♥ 3
Holiday Cookie

♥ 0
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

♥ 1
Christmas Cookies

♥ 0
Iced Oatmeal Cookies

♥ 1
Cute Peanut Bears

♥ 0
Elmo Cookies

Elmo sugar cookies decorated with royal icing

♥ 11
Superman Cookies

Superman sugar cookies decorated with royal icing

♥ 3
Apple & Oatmeal Cookies

Quick & tasty cookies

♥ 1
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect cookies for a fast tasty snack

♥ 6
Campfire S'mores Cookies

You'll definitely want s'more of these campy cookies!

♥ 14
Smoked Almond Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Bake some Smoked Almond Chocolate Chip Biscotti

♥ 5
S'mores Cookie Bars

♥ 3
Cake Mix Cookies

♥ 0
Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

♥ 1
Kaleidoscope Cookies

Taste the rainbow--with delicious multicolored cookies!

♥ 8
Salted Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

My favorite cookies in the ENTIRE world.

♥ 8
Chocolate Mousse Melting Moments

A Passion for Baking

♥ 36
Kahlo Wedding Cookies

Modern Art Desserts

♥ 21
Create Butterfly Cookies Using The Marbling Technique

Create stunning butterfly cookies using the marbling technique by following this simple tutorial!

♥ 19
Pretty Oreo Cookies

I used Vanilla Candiquik to coat my Oreos. Using White candy melt wafers or white chocolate will give the same result.

♥ 2
Lady Bug Cookies

Little love bugs that are almost too sweet to eat!

♥ 10
Dirty Diaper Cookies

Melted, miniature candy bars inside each sugar cookie diaper will have baby shower guests giggling.

♥ 6
Nutter Butter High Heel Cookies

Feed someone's passion for fashion with adorable, edible shoes.

♥ 10
Pop Up Groundhog Cookies

These adorable groundhog cookies are edible, movable and easy to make.

♥ 14
Teacup Cookies

The best part of these cookies - no baking required!

♥ 143
Taco Cookies

Made from simple, vanilla Oreo cookies, these mini tacos are perfect for any fiesta.

♥ 51
Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Uses a cake mix to cut out a few steps!

♥ 10

Classic Snacks Made from Scratch

♥ 73
Caveman Cookies

These paleo diet friendly cookies remain one of my most popular posts!

♥ 14
Triple Chocolate And Butterscotch Cinnamon Cookies

sweet cookies that keep really well in the freezer

♥ 11
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Bake your own Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

♥ 15
Chocolate Chip N' Macadamia Nut Cookies

Made with almond flour!

♥ 2
Oreo Thumbprint Cookies

Bake some Oreo Thumbprint Cookies

♥ 27
Chocolate Chip Oreo Cream Cookies

Bake some Chocolate Chip Oreo Cream Cookies

♥ 11
Fruit Pizza

A yummy dessert that is easy to make!

♥ 13
Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a healthier alternative to chocolate chip cookies.

♥ 3
Easter Rainbow Cookies

Or Saint Patrick's Day

♥ 1
S'mores Cookie Bars

S'mores and Chocolate Chip Cookies have a baby.. and it's delicious.

♥ 78
Frankenstein Marshmallow Cookies

*Dr Frankenstein voice* OMG they are good

♥ -1
Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Caramel Filled Cookies

Don't get me wrong: I love me some chocolate chip cookies. But I also love caramel, and I think it's unfair that the two can't be together harmoniously in one deep-dish cookie. Give equal rights to caramel and cookies.

♥ 31
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