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How To Make Your Wedding Gown

Easy for the avid sewer.

♥ 24
No Sew Off The Shoulder Tshirt

Show off those shoulders in this super simple tshirt recon!

♥ 10
Portal: Chell's Tank Top

Release your inner Chell by creating and donning this tank top!

♥ 11
Master Mage Robe

♥ 0
Ripped, Lace Skinnys

Give your black skinny jeans a new life

♥ 33
Deep V Back Tee

Update an old tshirt with a men's tie.

♥ 7
Beltable Lace Top

♥ 2
Cute Spiderweb Outfit

Cute, Goth and Halloweeny!

♥ 13
Album Cover Tie Front Tank

Wear your favorite band album cover!

♥ 37
Ruffle Leg Shorts

Fun ruffle leg shorts for a cool summer

♥ 15
Wrestling Shirts

♥ 1
Threadbanger Recon

♥ 7
Mom's Perfect Fit Shirt

A perfect fitting shirt size L/XL

♥ 4
Gray Corduroy Circle Skirt

Very versatile, fashionable skirt that can be worn with anything!

♥ 22
Pleated Neck Shirt

A pleated neck shirt from the series "One pattern - Three Shirts"

♥ 6
Skull Sweatshirt

♥ 2
Simple Fleece Skirt With Elastic Waist

A fun skirt for the winter

♥ 3
Sweater Skirt

♥ 6
Easy 30 Min. Pencil Skirt

Sew a pencil skirt

♥ 17
Lengthen A Shirt Just Like Valentino And Miu Miu

add lace to the hem of a shirt for a classy look

♥ 28
Easy Diy Maxi Skirt Or Dress (Two In One)

Make a Maxi Skirt or Dress

♥ 22
Assassins Creed Hoodlet

♥ 7
Thalmor Robes

♥ 3
Cut Up T Shirt: 3 Columns On Back With Weaving And Bows

Using the concepts of t-shirt weaving, I created this sexy 3 column design on the back of a t-shirt.

♥ 32
Gene Pants

♥ 0
Diy Maxi Dress

Sew a maxi dress

♥ 4
Lace Ruffle Symmetrical Top

Lace crop top with lace pocket that's perfect for layering.

♥ 2
Lace Ribbon Top

♥ 0
Zara Inspired Studded Jacket

Stud a jacket

♥ 14
Ombre Dyed Maxi Skirt

How To Ombre Dye A Maxi Skirt

♥ 9
20 Minutes  T Shirt Revamp

Red Valentino knockoff bow on the back

♥ 49
Jack Skellington Sequin Sweater Top

A top dedicated to the coolest Halloween character, Jack Skellington.

♥ 28
How To Resize A T Shirt

Shanking down an oversized tee to make a custom fit tee or dress.

♥ 3
Square Dress

♥ 1
Various Vests

♥ 13
Ripped And Patched Jeans

♥ 2
Peplum Tank Top

♥ 0
Plum Cocktail Dress

♥ 0
Half Circle Cloak

♥ 8
Pirate Skirt

♥ 0
Applique Chicken T Shirt

I will definitely use nicer fabric next time... hehe ;)

♥ 4
The Unruled Tank Dress

Super easy tank dress to make

♥ 6
Adding A Crochet Applique To A Top/Dress

Add a cool back detail to your summer dresses

♥ 15
Bra Strap Carriers

Keep shirts from sliding down your shoulders and keep bra straps in place.

♥ 8
Stitching Them Skinny

An easy method for turning boot cut jeans into skinnies

♥ 9
Lace Top T Shirt

Add a lace yoke to make a plain t-shirt pop!

♥ 68
Gothic Lolita Dress

♥ 21
Custom Cut Tee Shirt

♥ 1
Doubled Sided Cowl

Infinity cowl made from two different fabrics to create two different looks

♥ 4
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