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Diy Front Zip Denim

An alternative hem for those "too long on me!" jeans

♥ 14
Japanese Style Dress Refashion And Leggings

How to refashion man's shirt into Japanese style dress

♥ 22
Diy: Patterned Block Letter Tee

To use the letters in the tutorial download them from my Photobucket album!

♥ 2
Diy: Polka Dot Denim Vest

Update an old denim button up with this simple DIY.

♥ 3
Prairie Chic Dress

♥ 17
Rayman Hoodie

♥ 1
High Waisted Skirt With A Sash!

Made from old curtains! :)

♥ 9
Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade)

It is actually going to be turned into a Dalek dress is why it is brown but this is a tutorial for a basic dress

♥ 9
Serendipity Shawl

♥ 1
Lace Up Shorts


♥ 53
Reversible Pencil Skirt

Versatile and cute skirt for work or play

♥ 5
Circle Skirt

♥ 0
Split Black & White Jeans

Dye paint your jeans!

♥ 7
Deathly Hallows Jeans

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows inspired jeans

♥ 5
Cowl Capelet

♥ 0
Cropped Sports Top

Simple crop top in stretch material

♥ 4
Retro Winter Dress

Retro styled dress to look fabulous in wintertime!

♥ 29
Safety Pin Wings


♥ 20
Sparkly Stripe Y Legwarmers

use tinsel eyelash yarn to give a festive stripe to these simple ribbed legwarmers

♥ 5
Mens Sweater To Cardigan

simple Men's sweater into smart nifty cardigan.

♥ 1
Sailor Sweater Remake

Turn any old sweater into a japanese schoolgirl uniform (;

♥ 42
Little Tresures Open Peignoir

displaying your hoard in true cult party kei style.

♥ 21
Easy Poofy Dress

easy to make dress for instant cuteness!

♥ 60
High Waisted Skirt

HEY! HEY, YOU! Read my How-To do my DIY jean skirt!

♥ 4
Stud Necklace T Shirt

No need for more bling when you wear this Tee!

♥ 1
Ruffle Skirt

♥ 0
Neon Flower Print Top

When you can't find the print top you want, make your own!

♥ 4
Chevron Pocket Tee

Not tired of chevron yet!

♥ 2
Nautical Tie Dye Tee

♥ 1
Military Jacket

♥ 10
Dip Dye Sweater

♥ 1
Gold Beanstock Ombre T Shirt

Update your ombre top with some fabric paint in a complimentary color.

♥ 7
Just Go! T Shirt

When you can't travel, you can at least make your own airplane print.

♥ 4
D Jacket...

♥ 4
Burlesque Bustle Skirt

♥ 4
Easy Oversized Dress

♥ 4
Peacock Feather Tee

Feathers that won't fall apart!

♥ 6
Diy Recycled Thrift Shop Top

recycled madness

♥ 11
Diy Fringe Tshirt

Fringe / Tassel Tshirt - a summer staple!

♥ 4
Apron Top

♥ 0
Blue Crochet Poncho

♥ 3
Maxi Skirt

♥ 0
T Shirt Blanc

Easy print tee!

♥ 2
Kaonashi T Shirt

No-Face (カオナシ kaonashi, lit. "faceless") is an odd and lonely spirit introduced in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away.

♥ 47
Vintage Pilowcase Skirt

A quick and easy way to turn a pillowcase into a skirt for a little girl

♥ 13
Peach Circle Skirt

♥ 10
Crocheted Floral Motif Wrap

♥ 10
Neon Fabric Spray Paint Tee

Not your traditional painted tee!

♥ 0
Socks With Style

Plain white socks with the personal touch

♥ 1
Starry Circle Skirt

♥ 1
School Gym Shorts

How to pretty up a plain pair of gym shorts

♥ 0
Plain Shorts Personalized

Plain shorts personalized in no time

♥ 0
Ribbon Decorated Socks

Easy to pretty up a plain pair of socks

♥ 0
Skirt Reconstruction

♥ 1
Rockabilly Wiggle Dress

♥ 21
Feminist Symbol Patch

With liberty, justice and genre equality for all!

♥ 9
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