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Square Dress

♥ 1
Various Vests

♥ 13
Ripped And Patched Jeans

♥ 2
Peplum Tank Top

♥ 0
Plum Cocktail Dress

♥ 0
Half Circle Cloak

♥ 8
Pirate Skirt

♥ 0
Applique Chicken T Shirt

I will definitely use nicer fabric next time... hehe ;)

♥ 4
The Unruled Tank Dress

Super easy tank dress to make

♥ 5
Adding A Crochet Applique To A Top/Dress

Add a cool back detail to your summer dresses

♥ 15
Bra Strap Carriers

Keep shirts from sliding down your shoulders and keep bra straps in place.

♥ 8
Stitching Them Skinny

An easy method for turning boot cut jeans into skinnies

♥ 9
Lace Top T Shirt

Add a lace yoke to make a plain t-shirt pop!

♥ 67
Gothic Lolita Dress

♥ 21
Custom Cut Tee Shirt

♥ 1
Doubled Sided Cowl

Infinity cowl made from two different fabrics to create two different looks

♥ 4
How To Mend Your Jeans

Quick and simple way to fix tears in your jeans

♥ 3
Utility Kilt

♥ 0
Diy Heart Print Jeans

♥ 0
Sequined Message Shirt

Add personality (and some love) to a plain white shirt by sewing on sequin trim.

♥ 3
Tulip Back Top

Alter a plain shirt pattern to make a cool cross-over effect

♥ 15
Burlesque Bustle Skirt

♥ 4
Peekaboo Spider Web Shirt

♥ 7
Simple Gathered Rockabilly Retro Skirt

Simple Gathered Retro Skirt, perfect for one-directional patterns. No pattern required!

♥ 108
Ribbon Kneehigh Garter

♥ 32
The "Miami" Flamingo Skirt

♥ 6
Bubbles Of Bubble Skirts

♥ 1
Diy Heart Print Jeans

Printed Denim for Every Sweetheart

♥ 35
Lace Skull Tee

Use thrifted lace and doilies to make yourself a Skull Tee.

♥ 4
Diy Sheer (Pantyhose) Top

A few snips away to a fabulous sheer top

♥ 48
How To Fit Bra Cups

The thing about bras is that they’re very particular - the fit varies with almost everyone.

♥ 19
Diy Thrifted Trench Dress

Transform your thrift shop finds!

♥ 11
Diy Front Zip Denim

An alternative hem for those "too long on me!" jeans

♥ 15
Japanese Style Dress Refashion And Leggings

How to refashion man's shirt into Japanese style dress

♥ 22
Diy: Patterned Block Letter Tee

To use the letters in the tutorial download them from my Photobucket album!

♥ 2
Diy: Polka Dot Denim Vest

Update an old denim button up with this simple DIY.

♥ 3
Prairie Chic Dress

♥ 17
Rayman Hoodie

♥ 1
High Waisted Skirt With A Sash!

Made from old curtains! :)

♥ 10
Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade)

It is actually going to be turned into a Dalek dress is why it is brown but this is a tutorial for a basic dress

♥ 9
Serendipity Shawl

♥ 1
Lace Up Shorts


♥ 54
Reversible Pencil Skirt

Versatile and cute skirt for work or play

♥ 5
Circle Skirt

♥ 0
Split Black & White Jeans

Dye paint your jeans!

♥ 7
Deathly Hallows Jeans

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows inspired jeans

♥ 5
Cowl Capelet

♥ 0
Cropped Sports Top

Simple crop top in stretch material

♥ 5
Retro Winter Dress

Retro styled dress to look fabulous in wintertime!

♥ 31
Safety Pin Wings


♥ 20
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