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How To Make Your Own Fashion Statement

This will change how you dress forever! (:

♥ 3
Pin Tucked Sweatshirt Dress

For those cold winter days

♥ 5
Burlesque Bustle Skirt

♥ 3
Diy Summer Maxi Skirt Tutorial

DIY: Summer Maxi Skirt Tutorial

♥ 12
Diy|| Sweater Into Cardigan Refashion

A cute and easy way to create a stylish cardigan! ♥

♥ 6
Dragon Queen

♥ 9
Men's Graphic T To Maternity T Refashion

Becuase it's hard to find anything both awesome and maternity

♥ 4
Cross Back Tank Refashion

Boring tank tops can be cured by doing this -

♥ 13
Retrp Swimsuit Refashion

What can you get out of a bra and a maternity dress? Well...

♥ 13
Denim Garter Stitch Shawl

Quick and easy chunky shawl project.

♥ 37
Peplum Blouse Refashion

♥ 0
T Shirt To Cheeky Garter Belt Refashion

A sexy refashion with a little punch

♥ 64
"We Can't Stop" Romper

This refashion is perfect for dancing around your house to Miley Cyrus music

♥ 20
Grumpy Cat Christmas Sweater

Dashing through the NO.

♥ 49
The Sunburst Miniskirt

An adorable bright yellow refashion to coax out the sun.

♥ 31
Green Summer Dress

♥ 6
Green Peplum Dress

Fall/winter party dress

♥ 10
Shiny Corset

♥ 2
22nd Birthday Shirt

yes, those are candles

♥ 1
Stamped Gradient Rhino Tank

An African-inspired tank top

♥ 37
Diy Patched Skinny Jeans

Update a pair of black skinnies by adding patches and zippers.

♥ 9
Sequin Embellished Trench Coat

Update a classic trench coat with few sequins. It's an easy way to add some sparkle to everyday outfits.

♥ 9
No Sew Shirt!

♥ 1
Lace Back T Shirt Reconstruction

easy way to revamp your t-shirts

♥ 7
Noodle's Hoodie

♥ 0
No Sew Tutu

♥ 2
Upcycle Old Shirt

an easy project upcycle

♥ 2
Reconstruction : T Shirt To Tube Top

Reconstruct yourself a tube top out of a t-shirt!

♥ 6
Homemade Skater Skirt

♥ 12
Instant Gratification Top

Sew an Instant Gratification Top

♥ 5
No Sew Spiderweb Top

Don't get caught in the spiderweb (top)!

♥ 20
Yoga Leggings

Cute and comfortable leggings to lounge in or exercise.

♥ 11
Diy Eyeball Cardigan

Watch your back with this handmade eyeball cardigan!

♥ 9
Polka Dot Tights

DIY Your Own Tights!

♥ 31
Vertical Half And Half Blouse

♥ 7
Dress From Maxi Skirt

♥ 1
Scrappy Gradient Tee

Use up all those old t-shirt scraps you have laying around!

♥ 9
Braided Top Diy

Make a Braided Top

♥ 11
Leopard Print Elastic Waist Dress

Cute and simple dress with an elastic waist.

♥ 5
Floral And Lace Shorts

♥ 1
Christmas Tree Sweatshirt Cut Out

Fun Christmas craft: Cut up a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a Christmas tree outline.

♥ 9
Great Scot Skirt

Skirt-a-Day Sewing

♥ 19
Tube Sun Dress

tube neckline sun dress with ruffle, elastic and easy fit

♥ 6
Tutorial : How To Make A Diy Bow Back Sweater

Turn your old Sweaters into this supercute Bow Back sweater! :3

♥ 14
Black Jersey Ruffle Vest

Super easy no-sew vest tutorial

♥ 53
Heart Cut Out Dress Tutorial

How to add heart or any shape cut out to the dress

♥ 12
Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

Show off your inner geek with this galaxy shirt!

♥ 73
Cropped Button Down Refashion

Button down turned into cropped, irregular hem top

♥ 21
Kimono Top

Kimono top, loose top, easy sewing

♥ 12
Bleach Print Skeleton Shirt

♥ 2
Diy Lace Insert T Shirt

Lace insert in back of the t-shirt, easy project

♥ 52
Pretty Cute Upcycled Grandma's Dress

Never have to be sad again about a retro thrift shop dress that isn't all perfect.

♥ 12
How To Make Your Wedding Gown

Easy for the avid sewer.

♥ 24
No Sew Off The Shoulder Tshirt

Show off those shoulders in this super simple tshirt recon!

♥ 10
Portal: Chell's Tank Top

Release your inner Chell by creating and donning this tank top!

♥ 12
Master Mage Robe

♥ 0
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