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Nice 'n' Simple

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Del Rio, Tennessee, United States
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My 3 boho bracelets!

This is the first tutorial that I have done on this site. So, if something doesn't look right, or if you have a question, don't be afriad to ask! I would love your opinion about it, and if you have any suggestions to make this bracelet even more awesome, please tell!!!



You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 1 1

    Look through your beads- glass, metal, wooden, plastic- whatever!
    Decide what kind of colors you want. Or you could just pick random beads. Just use the beads that you want to use. The bead hole will have to be big enough for the hemp string to go through. So check to see if the bead will fit on the string before you make your bracelet.

  2. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 2 2

    The bracelets that I make fit my wrist the way I like, kind of loose. I use about 7 beads a strand, 3 strands, which is 22 beads in all counting the bead I use at the end as I a clasp thingy. I don't know what it is called. Lol!
    Anyway. The picture shown are the beads laid out in the order I wanted them. So, go ahead and fix the beads in the order you would like to have them on your bracelet.

  3. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 3 3

    I cut about 30 inches of string for each strand.
    The picture shown is tape keeping the strings next to each other so I can see were I am on my strings when I work and so I don't mess up and start my knots too early so I have string for the bead and hole clasp thingy. (Save about 6 inches of string for that.)

  4. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 4 4

    If you are using tape or something, start your first knot not to far from it. If you don't use tape, start about 7 inches from the tip of the string.
    Get your first bead on the string next to the knot you just made. Then, make another knot right next to the bead.
    Start your next section a few spaces down from the last one. Repeat the knot-bead-knot pattern untill you get all the beads you want on that string, and the other strings.

  5. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 5 5

    When you are done stringing on your beads, tie an overhand knot with all the strings
    (If your end bead's hole is too big, tie a double knot)
    put your bead on and then another knot!

  6. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 6 6

    On the other end-You can either do an overhand knot or do one like this.
    It is an overhand knot, BUT you just take one string and tie it around the others. It allows you to tighten it so your bracelet won't fall out of the hole, and it stays on your wrist. From the beads to the first knot-leave a little space so you can have room to loosen it (look @ finished pic)
    But it can be tricky tightening and loosening it with one hand :P

  7. How to make a rope bracelet. Bohemian Bracelets - Step 7 7

    close the hole with a knot

  8. 8

    The last step is one of the most important steps for this bracelet.... WEAR IT!!! lol!
    Sorry for the long How-To!

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