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Nice & Simple

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Petäjävesi, Central Finland, Finland
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A cute little black kitty :3

This is a little amigurumi cat that I made for a friend. I used a pattern for another amigurumi but I altered it a bit. And I had to figure out how to crochet those tiny ears so that they'd even resemble cat ears. It wasn't as easy as I thought :D And they still aren't the way I wanted, they're a bit too much on the sides of the head... But it's all right, it's still cute :3

The black yarn is acrylic and the orange is woollen. I used a 4mm crochet hook. And little glass beads for eyes. Not sure about the 2 hours, crocheting it was pretty fast but the details took a while longer.



The Gabu Crochet Creature

The Gabu Crochet Creature

make an ivasion

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Kitty Plushie

Kitty Plushie

His name is Simon Poo-Poo Jr!

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Olly The Owl

Olly The Owl

olly the owl tutorial

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Single Sock Dog Tutorial

Single Sock Dog Tutorial

Cuteness from one sock. ^^

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Fish To Sushi Plushie

Fish To Sushi Plushie

A transforming sushi to fish, fish to sushi plushie.

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Star Plushie

Star Plushie

Twinkle twinkle little star

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