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Nice 'n' Simple
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Angarsk, Irkutsk Region, Russian Federation
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A nice gift for Chrisstmas - always OK to have hot tea at a hand!

That is an idea how to decorate a prefabricated wooden box. As an idea for image I took paintings of Hunderwasser - a famous Austrian painter. He used to decorate houses in his hometown and they really looked great! Later the ideas of his paintings were used in a fashion industry to decorate scarves, gloves, home utilities and other stuff. You can find his paintings at and may take wichever you like. When you paint a wooden box with gouashes you should cover your box with non-water varnish. Please, bear in mind that a water varnish will dissolve your painting because gouache can easily be washed away with water.



Wood Burnt Box

Wood Burnt Box

supernatural jewelry box

♥ 3
Castiel Burnt Box

Castiel Burnt Box

Castiel quote burnt wooden box

♥ 2
Emily The Strange Painted Box

Emily The Strange Painted Box

A cute random box for everything and anything, take 2

♥ 25
Companion Cube

Companion Cube

Who's better to take care of your stuff??

♥ 26
Pyrography On (Bought) Wooden Box

Pyrography On (Bought) Wooden Box

The first thing I ever made with an actual pyrography tool

♥ 0
Mosaic Cd Box

Mosaic Cd Box

Mosaic on everything!

♥ 9



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