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Nice 'n' Simple
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Angarsk, Irkutsk Region, Russian Federation
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A nice gift for Chrisstmas - always OK to have hot tea at a hand!

That is an idea how to decorate a prefabricated wooden box. As an idea for image I took paintings of Hunderwasser - a famous Austrian painter. He used to decorate houses in his hometown and they really looked great! Later the ideas of his paintings were used in a fashion industry to decorate scarves, gloves, home utilities and other stuff. You can find his paintings at and may take wichever you like. When you paint a wooden box with gouashes you should cover your box with non-water varnish. Please, bear in mind that a water varnish will dissolve your painting because gouache can easily be washed away with water.



Wood Burned And Coffee Stained Box

Wood Burned And Coffee Stained Box

make beautiful details on your boxes!

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Upcycled Wooden Box With Map

Upcycled Wooden Box With Map

Reuse your old stuff

♥ 34
Pyrography On (Bought) Wooden Box

Pyrography On (Bought) Wooden Box

The first thing I ever made with an actual pyrography tool

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Comic Box

Comic Box

Let your favorite superhero watch over your things

♥ 49
Felt Lined Super Hero Stash Box

Felt Lined Super Hero Stash Box

Cool stash boxes or alternative storage with a neat comic book twist :)

♥ 19
Vintage Box

Vintage Box

{Vintage Box Tutorial}

♥ 42



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