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    Sewing Machine Question/Help

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    ok so my machine keeps doing this annoying thing where the thread spool or bobbin, maybe it is both, seem to jerk when I am sewing. The thread bunches in wads underneath the fabric but the top stitch is fine.

    I think it is a tension issue, which I always have problems with the tension dial. I haven't figured out yet how to know what setting I should adjust it to for let's say a straight stitch vs a zig zag stitch.

    Anywho! any help would be appreciated! it is driving me bonkers having to constantly rip out messed up stitches and re-thread and re-do everything to start over and it does it again.

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    Try cleaning the machine and then oil it. mine was acting the same and I thought it was time to chuck it and get a new one.
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    Check your manual if it still happens after you clean and oil it. The manual should have information for setting tension for different stitches. If it still does it after all of that, the timing might be off. Any sewing machine shop should be able to fix it quickly.
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    check that you're threading it right, make sure the bobbin is wound it the right direction.... because I had that problem when I started sewing and that turned out to be my problem.
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    If youre sure your bobbin is coming off the bobbin right and your machine is threaded correctly, then check the top of your spool of thread and see if there is a little notch on the plastic part, sometimes the thread get caught there and will cause the little wad and the jerking. If thats the problem just turn your spool so the notch is on the bottom.
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    I can always leave my tension to 4 or 5 and it doesn't matter what stitch I am using. This happened to me once after I changed the needle, it wasn't pushed up all the way. Also happened when my needle was dull.
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    So you have cleaned and oiled your machine. check You used your machine manual to make sure you threaded the bobbin correctly? check You threaded the bobbin case evenly and with the same type of thread as the top thread? check You are using a good quality thread? *this is important because poor quality thread has areas of varying fuzziness and thickness.* check You are using the right type of bobbin case for your machine? check You have adjusted your bobbin tension? check All is order and it's still acting up. It might be a timing and issue and need repair. hope my checklist helped


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