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    Brocade fabric

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    I have just less than three yards of this really pretty black and silver brocade fabric, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

    <img src="http://www.pendragoncostumes.com/steampunk/fabrics/black_silver_brocade.jpg">

    I've had it for a while now and haven't yet committed to cutting it up yet. I was thinking about making an A-Line skirt or a corset sort of thing but I'm worried about how the patterns on the fabric would look. I'd really like to make some kind of garment out of it but it has to be something that will highlight the fabric's pattern and texture.

    Any suggestions?

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    Ooo that's gorgeous. I'd like it for a bed throw or an upholstered head board but it would be pretty for clothes too. I think a bustier kinda corseted top would be pretty... I wouldn't worry about the print, I think it can be broken up without looking strange. You could even make a pendulum style top (which is super figure flattering) with a pleated bottom and add some black piping at the seam line and hem

    (quick sketch for reference)

    Your fabric got me excited for a project Tongue

    Medium top
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    Hm... I was thinking a bustier would be good, too! I think I might make a pattern from the bodice of a dress I have and maybe convert it to a soft corset.

    I saw corset style belts on amazon when I was looking at corsets so I might make something like that as well.

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    A lined asymmetrical wrapped skirt would be lovely. There are directions for one on A Pair and A Spare. Good Luck!

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    Sounds interesting. I will have to check it out!

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    In case you haven't done anything with it yet. (it WAS 11 days ago)

    I think that fabric would make an excellent corset. Maybe an underbust? Depending on how ambitious your are maybe you could do a corset and only use the brocade for around the bust. In case you were worried about it being to busy. Or possibly with only some of the panels in the brocade? Maybe reversible one, I don't really no much about corsetry (yet!) so I don't know how hard it would actually be.

    Medium brocade corset 2 by vonreiter
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    That's a really cool corset! I'd totally make one but I already have 3 that I bought cheap for Halloween. lol

    I was thinking about making a soft corset though, something kinda like a dress bodice meets bustier. I like that design a lot!

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    There this store that used to sell soft corsets "charolette russe" for the longest time it was the only store in town that sold even anything close to an actual corset (aside from of course the local goth in a box, or hot topic if you like. I won't even step foot in there. The clothing quality is sub par at best) I admit corsets aren't practical but I still absolutely adore them.

    If the fabric is stretchy you can get away with a soft corset.

    Alternately, have you considered a vest. Something tailored and flattering. Maybe something that sits below your bust line. I made that vest a while ago. It's pretty tailored though, I don't know who confident you are with that. Mine isn't that high, but I got lucky (very) winging it. It's a halter top wrap around thing, there's more pictures in the project, You could use satin for the back of it like how they do on normal vests. The one I made isn't stretchy at all. I was just thinking that you could use it for that and pair it with virtually anything. Dress it up or down, that way you'll be able to wear it whenever, it is some really gorgeous fabric. You can always do some paneling with a vest as well. Maybe even go for more of a waistcoat (come to think of it I'm not quite sure if there's a difference between those and a vest....is there?) You could totally add in a pocket, or even a false pocket and add a silver chain to highlight the fabric. And just rock it. You could even use some of the scraps and add them onto some spats or something. Maybe some fabric wrapped buttons even. Geez I don't even know what your style is like but I totally got sidetrack inspired there....believe me it was way worse in thought process form, ha ha.

    Medium full dsc00814 1305566202
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    That is an awesome vest design. I just might have to use my fabric for something like that. I have an underbust waistcoat corset, but my bust is still too big for it... now I have inspiration! Thanks!

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    If you want I can post a pic of the quick little sketch I did for the pattern pieces. I drafted a pattern from it but I don't have that part anymore.

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    Nah, I can figure it out. Tongue I once made a vest out of jean legs without a pattern so I should be fine, lol.

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    I know this post was 2 years ago, but I was wondering if you ever did anything with that fabric. If not, I'd like to buy it from you. Let me know. Thanks!

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    Dear Monika,

    I am looking for exactly that kind of silver brocade textile you showed on your photo! I see you uploaded it already 2 years ago... Do perhaps know where I can buy that type of silver brocade??? Its really hard to find.. Pffff

    Hope you hear from you.


    Medium 9b910a008b5c7f0bc14b56ed086f6aae
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    I got it at Jo-Ann's, but I have seen it in online costume fabric stores.

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    I just read your message, thank you very much! I live in the Netherlands and we dont have any Jo-Ann store here... But I have send an email to their website, so I wait for their response now.

    You say that you have seen this fabric in online fabric stores, but I cannot find it myself... Can you perhaps send me some links? If you have time?

    Hope you can help me.

    Thank you!!


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