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    Skirt Thick Fleece?

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    So I bought this amazing native American style printed fleece for 3.99 a yard at hancocks today. At first I'm thinking, oh blanket! but the more i see it the more I think it would make a great pattern for a skirt. The trouble is I've never seen thick fleece worn as an article of clothing before except on little kids. Do you guys have any pattern ideas that would work for a thick fleece to be worn without looking like it's to much. Also if I were to make a simple A line skirt do you guys have any recommendations for how to fasten it? Do you think a draw string would be sufficient? As I think it'd be impractical to but in a zipper and way to bulky for elastic. Thoughts? thanks in advance for your time/ opinions!
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    So my last message didn't post. I'll try again. The tie waist is a good idea. If you want to try something different, make belt loops for the waist and use a pretty scarf as a belt. Or if you want to use buttons as a closure, then line the waist with a gingham or muslin to give the waist more stability and it won't be too bulky. Try making the skirt as a six-gore (if the pattern will allow it).
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    You should be able to get away with making it a skirt. I've seen quite a few fleece skirts actually. Although you could always go with a pullover sort of thing.

    Depending on how long you're planning on making the skirt or how heavy the fleece is a drawstring might not be enough to hold it up on your hips all day. It runs the risk of ending up uncomfortable, having to constantly readjust the tie. You could to a snap drawstring combo. I've never really tried to to put a snap in fleece though...

    If you do buttons you should be pretty safe. Honestly, when I read this I was thinking like a floor length skirt with buttons all the way down the back, or side even.

    You could even do a higher fitted waist and have, if you are able to fit it properly you might not even need a closure depending on you build. Personally, my butt's to big for all that. The only problem there would be attaching the skirt to the waist band without the seam becoming to bulky.

    Good luck! Hopefully you'll be able to post your finished project!
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    Wow thanks guys sorry It doesn't send me notifications on this post for some reason. I'll have to try lining it with muslin or something so it's not so stretchy. The pull over could be killer too though and I'm a sucker for built in suspenders. I have a lot of fleece stockpiled from this winter so I'll have to work on it for next fall/winter.
    I have seen a few fleece skirts but most of them are all solid colors or if it's patterned fleece they are usually for little kids and the fleece i have right now is very colorful and load in a western kind of way. not sure how it would fly as a long skirt but maybe medium length with buttons down the front and maybe elastic in the back to keep it fitted?
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    This tutorial seems to be pretty simple- Simple Fleece Skirt With Elastic Waist

    It isn't specified how thick the fleece used is, but yours might work since there is not a bulky waist seam. Please tell/show me how it goes :D


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