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    spare fabric

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    heyy guys.

    i reasnly bought a meture of green fluffy fabric and i have a lot of leftovers.

    any ideas what i should do with it?

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    I used to make wristbands out of fabric scraps. Little accessories like that are easy to make.

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    Coin purses or plushies. Green fluffy fabric sounds like it would make an awesome monster plush.

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    How much do you have left Something like Pam's Dino Hat (http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/fleece-dino-hat) could be perfect if you have enough fabric. :)

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    baby shoes :) something bootie-like, for the winter :) that is, if there are any babies in your surrounding ofcourse...

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    thanks for the help guys. i making a big green plush as manly make stuff like that.

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    i still have a lot left. round about a 1/2 a meature. any ideas, agen? : )

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    More plushies in different sizes, maybe?

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    good idea.

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    rag rug?

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    whats a rag rug?

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    cut strips and knot them together is a rag rug I think...... I made a pin board out of old couch leather.. .LOL I still have to put it on the stie..... recover something like a stool or chair, I have been wanting to do a fabric wrap for furniture much like the new... wall paper on your furniture look. Did you put tese scrap projects on your site? I'll go look now. lol

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    i have put one (as thats what ive only done but im going to make a weath!) called fluffy monster.

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    fabric covered buttons to make rings or necklaces or put as an accent on a purse or pouch...zipper pouches....coin pouches with those snap buttons or pull ties...hair scrunchies w/ elastic

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    thank you for all the help guys, i have found something to do with it but thank you for all the ideas


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