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    What kind of dress would hide my big tummy?

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    Ever since I gave birth to my daughter 2 years ago my tummy has looked 6 months pregnant, I tried exercising, dieting (for a short short while, I admit) but it's still big. I'm a cup B, so no matter what I wear, my belly is my most prominent feature.

    I'm invited to a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks and I'm desperate for some help, I really don't want to tell everyone "I'm not pregnant again, I'm just fat" all night long.

    Please help Happy(

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    Ahh I know what your mean, except I never had kids, lol. So I don't have a decent excuse for my belly XD

    Anyway Here are some tips I've found-

    Undergarments are a girls best friend!

    seriously, find a good shapewear, it will smooth everything out and even bring you down a size. The one I've found and love has a build in (strapless) push up bra, and then goes all the way down to mid thigh. So I don't need to wear a slip or bra, just my shapewear.

    Shape of the dress is key!

    if you want to hide you tummy, make sure your dress has a shape, if its a straight dress on a curvy body the dress will hug your curves, and probably not in the way you wanted. So pick a dress that narrows in at the smallest part of you torso. And then flairs out at the waist.

    Distract they "eye"!

    Even though you don't think you have a big chest, fake it. Get a push up bra, or one that just looks really great on you. Then choose a dress with a V-neck. (if you feel the V is a little too deep, just use a safety pin on the inside to bring it up an inch) By showing off with a V-neck your elongating the neck and making drawing the attention away from your middle.

    Add Bling!

    Even if it isn't big bling, make sure to wear a necklace, earrings, bracelets. Necklaces and earrings help with the idea of bring the "eye" up, just like the V-neck. Plus if you have cute jewelry more people with be looking at that, then your curves.

    Show some skin!

    If your like me might not like showing off you arms, but I am fine with my legs, so I always wear a short formal jacket with my dresses. But I make sure to get a dress that ends right around my knees. Because I'm really short, having a shorter dress and showing off my legs actually makes me look taller, along with wearing heels ;) But if you don't like your legs, and feel comfortable with your arms, pick a longer dress that's a halter top or sleeveless.

    Phew, lol Those are the biggest things I can think of Happy I hope that helps you a bit!

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    Ok so here is a great example of my favorite style dress!

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/pascailpamela/7161264316/" title="dress1 by pamela pascali, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7080/7161264316_e3fd5f5cc8.jpg" width="246" height="300" alt="dress1"></a>

    The sash type fabric at the waist, makes her look smaller by faking a little waist.

    The V-neck makes her torso look taller and thinner.

    See how the dress has lots of fabric bunched at the waist and then flows out and away, that hides the tummy.

    And the length is perfect! Just above the knee, makes her look taller which in turn makes her look thinner and shows off her legs, and takes away from the belly. Which is what its all about! lol Happy If she had on some great bracelets and a necklace, she'd be set!

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    Pam's ideas are going to help you the most. I have a bit of a belly from not being able to exercise because of a huge ovarian cyst, but I love to work out Happy

    Dresses that looks a bit wrapped around the bust will make your chest look bigger and take attention away from your stomach.

    I have a really pretty rose print dress from Talbots that made me look a full dress size smaller for my older brother's wedding.

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    Wow, thank you Pamela, you're my newest savior! I also thought about control underwear or whatever they're called, problem is I can't really breathe in those things, I tried a size bigger and they're not really controlling anything, so I'll just try to work with what I got.

    Bling I love, and there will be some, not too much, I don't want to be the crazy disco ball lady, but definitely some rhinestones on earrings and necklace will make their way into the outfit.

    I guess I'm fine with arms and legs, as long as I don't have to show too much of them. Knee-length has always worked for me, but I have nothing against any type of sleeve either.

    I'll definitely try to find something similar to that dress you showed me, I don't have the model's boobs, but I'll see what I can find.

    Monika, I think your idea is great too, maybe something with a print will help camouflage all my wrong curves Happy

    Thanks, girls, as soon as that paycheck comes in, I'm going shopping!

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    Empire line, any dress with the waist right under the boobs. Then large flared skirts. Also surprisingly pencil skirts if well fitted. The curvy shape is good for them, it just tends to be that we buy the wrong sizes.

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    Try any kind of dress you want. If you feel beautiful and confident it will eminate from your very being. I suggest you walk out and you own it. Be happy and free with who you are. Also don't complain about your weight around your daughter or she might develop body issues xx LOVE yourself you are beautiful x

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    How great to hear some real advice and not a load of flannel. Thankyou so much. I have a couple of weddings and need to buy dresses thankyou all.

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    Really great advice, Pam.

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    You could get an underbust corset. I love mine... They're actually quite comfortable, as well. (I have 3 of them, now!) A lot of people think it would be hard to breathe in corsets, but that isn't the case. They shouldn't ever be constricting your lungs, especially an underbust. While I'm wearing mine, it's sort of awkward to get into a car, and sitting down may be an issue until you learn to just give in and sit up straight, which makes you look skinnier anyhow.

    Be warned, though... When I wear my corset, I either don't feel hungry at all, or I just can't tell if I'm hungry or not so I end up eating more. (It's time for dinner; am I hungry? Well I don't feel NOT hungry... So I guess I'll eat... EVERYTHING!)

    I got my corsets from a small company called Damsel In This Dress. The underbusts I have are all only $55. Here is her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/damseldress?fref=ts

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    I know people that have this problem, and something easy to do is wear the elastiband skirts that go obove your waist. If the dress is full (or skirt) Your tummy won't even be noticedHappy

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    Peplum tops are good as well.


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