I am 19, love cooking, crafts, and other things of the like.
I learn better by doing. When i get bored i try to make something.
I am very interested in Papercraft like that of Peter Callesen and Jeff Rudell, check them out they do amazing work =]
Cooking is my general interest though, as I'm sure you can tell by my projects, they are all quite wonderful, I assure you =D
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ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
Your doll is on its way, I hope it arrives soon! Happy
Gypsie Moon
Gypsie Moon · Edisto Island, South Carolina, US · 75 projects
Hiya G.nee!! I was just wondering if you ever got Dani's package for the New Age swap, and if you've sent hers out yet - she hadn't heard from you, so was kind of worried her package might have gotten lost or something. Thanks! =)
Laura M.
Laura M. · 5 projects
you make four differnt layers with different pans for each color