So, basically, it all started when, as little girls, a friend of mine and me started making these weekly contests of barbie's clothing design, and since then I never kept a needle and thread from my hands for much time Happy

Everything I do is hand-sewn because I just CAN'T use a machine, alhough I have one (I'm a complete disaster!!)... I guess I prefer to do it the old way!

I love making and transforming clothes (specially upperwear), but what I am really obsessed with is BAGS, I love bags <3


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Thanks for the fav on my Marbled Journal Cover!
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Lace and Collar Chain Necklace Happy
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thanks for faving my Wave bracelet
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Thanks for the fave on my raindrop pendant Happy
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hey thanks for the fave!
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Thanks for the fave on my ring Happy
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aaaw so sweet you're comment on my tearyearking heart brooch .
i'm still waiting for the date that i will move, they told me a long time it would be may but now they told me it will be mayby june or july-S
so i must live some months longer with all the wrapped boxes in my house.-S
I don't have given them yet , i want to do that this month.
i think i will find it difficult to say goodbye to them.
but saying goodbye is importend to start fresh.
thank; you for being so sweet and suportive of my move in the new city.
i think i will like it there, it's a other sphere , the same humour which i have so it would be fun.LOL
and living in a old centre will be awesome.
and nooooo more neighbours above me.LOL
so that's great as well.
h ey thank you too for your fave , and have fun with the making of.
yeaah i have a strange style.LOL
not all people like that, i have had some work in a museon exhibitoned and it was funny to listen to the watchers their comments and how they were looking to my art.
some loving it and some not.LOL
but that's not sooo bad.
i'm tooo freely in my ways of technics and some people aren't so that's often why they don't like it, there where some little kiddo's and called out the whole time what they saw and reconized on one of my big cake lamps.
sooo funny .
it was a great gift.
hey have a great nice week with a lot of creativity and fun;-D xxx
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Thanks for favoring my Labor of Love and for the lovely comment Happy
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Hi Caeli thank you very very much of your fave on my kitschy tearyearking heart brooch project.
i'm glad i have made them all now , i will soon say goodbye to them-S
i have join them for more then ten years.
but i think i will find a new funny thing in the other city to do.
hey much crafting fun with the making of,;-D
love a lot of your projects.
hey wish you a crazy lazy sunday afternoon and a fun awesome creative week as well;-D
Caeli L.
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You're welcome, Alf! It's really a cute project and I'm thinking of doing one myself. I'll post my version if I do it Happy
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Hi thanks for the fave on my recycle project. Happy