For me crafting is not a hobby it is an outlet. I use my crafts to express myself in a way that is not dangerous nor distructive. I love to make things, especially jewelry. I hoard beads and make every kind possible! In the future I see myself in a creative feild. The problem with me is that I want to do something creative while also important. I want to do something I love and make good money off of it.....
One of my main goals is to be known all over the internet. I will be starting my own blog soon and hopefully a youtube... I want to create a world where I can contribute while libing well myself.
The American Dream...
Idk I think I just rambling and if I am I'm sorry.
So I want to create a list of projects that I want to do and post all over the internet.
1.Make a homemade skirt from scratch that looks like something from a magazine.
2. Make my own underwear.
3. Revamp a discusting pair of shoes.
4. Invent an amazing looking peice of jewelry
5. Make a beaitiful wire ring
6. Make a T-shirt with all my favorite bands on it.
7. Create a solid sturdy purse
8. Turn normal jeans into skinny jeans
9. Redo all of my school stuff to a cool collage recycling thing
10. Turn soda cans into something cool

There it is for now I will check them off when they are done and remove them when the list is complete. Tell me if there is something you'd like me to make because I enjoy the challenge.
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Cobra Starship FTW. Great Projects. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Happy Take Care.
Angel  in the Night
Angel in the Night · 19 projects
Sorry to be random but I love your name!
Feng · 3 projects
and now you have added them ^_^
and dang it i mish them!!!!! HappyHappyHappy
sigh* i write sins, not tragedies... my fav Happy yours?
Feng · 3 projects
totally random... but your profile ROCKS! hehe.. Esp. the music Happy
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most of them i make have hello kitty
Rachel L.
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Hey, thanks for faving lucys monster xoxo
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Hi! thanks for your comment on my Twilight bracelet =D. I would like to say I can send u a bracelet, but I can't=..< I lost the other earring of each (hahahaha) But true: I wish I could send u one.
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...and my ruby red stunner necklace! Thank you.
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my rainbow circles bracelet!
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......without taking her clothes off
your name= priceless
xP I had to say it.
Wow I love all of the same bands as you do Happy

Beads Unlimited
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Thanks for adding my vintage glamour necklace to your favourites!
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I love your name. :] Welcome to Cut Out and Keep. :]